Product List

Break Away Candle Melts
5.00 each plus shipping
5.25 plus shipping if essential oils are used.
My melts are made with pure soy wax and are scented with only the highest quality fragrance oils and essential oils on the market today. Fragrances are on the Scent list page.

My 5 inch Pie Candles
15.00 plus shipping
Apple, Cherry and Peach
These are limited once the supplies are gone they will not be available anymore.

My bath Salts
My Salts are made with a combination of Dead Sea Salt,Pacific Sea Salt and Epson Salts. I then add Aloe oil, Sweet almond Oil and Shea butter oil. All of the ingredients are nurturing to your skin. I then add the fragrance of your choice from the Scent list page.
4 oz tube is 3.50
8 oz bulk bag 5.25
Plus shipping.
.25 added charge for essential oils

2 oz bottle 3.95 plus shipping.
While supplies last
You choose the scent
.25 added charge for essential oils

Soap Bars coming soon!


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