Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blue Spruce Sale!!!!

Blue Spruce Melt away candle melts.
Blue Spruce is an awesome Christmas Tree Fragrance that you won't want to miss as this great price.
Each package has 6 tarts that will last a very long time. I use pure Soy Wax and only the highest quality Fragrances on the market today so each little square is packed with fragrance!! Feel free to check out my customer comment page! I make each order fresh at the time it is ordered and paid for. If you order more than one item I will ship flat rate USPS and provide tracking. I can fit several items in a flat rate puffy envelope! So now here is the sale price 
Each Package of Blue Spruce will be 3.50 plus shipping. Shipping is based on zip code and I ship only in the US. I charge exact shipping plus the cost of the label. If you choose first class you will be charged for the envelope also.
Refer a friend and if they make a purchase you can choose a tart of your choice for 3.50 :)
Email your order to 
Please include your paypal addy so that I can bill you I am verified and have an account that has been in perfect standing for years!!!